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Folding a shirt

You have to see this short clip.  OK, so you probably need to work in Gap or somewhere to make use of this simple instructional video, and you probably need to speak Japanese to get the full effect.  Further, if you are like me and your shirts never really quite make it out of the [...]

Foodies United

    The second Cambridge Food and Drink festival takes place next week.  I missed the first (I must have been in a bar somewhere).  There are a number of events taking place, and I particularly liked the look of these food trails - firm evidence that there really is a third way besides Tesco and Sainsbury.  No [...]

A Web-based Word Processor (finally finally finally!)

At last.  About time.  Couldn’t be quick enough coming.  I was pleased to discover Writely today.  Writely is a web-hosted word processor.    Since the early days of Java I remember speculating with everyone else about network hosted services making a come-back (a decade earlier it was all network hosted services, of course).  The web-hosted word [...]

Three Short Years

Balloons at the Party Tomorrow is Max’s third birthday. I just can’t articulate the difference he has made to our lives – and how complete it has made us feel to have him in our family. I am always one of the first to acknowledge that it’s perfectly possible to feel complete and have a [...]

About Grace

I read this book by Anthony Doerr on the plane to Hong Kong this week. It’s just such a beautifully written novel, and Doerr’s first. Grace is the daughter of the protagonist, David Winkler. Winkler suffers premonitory dreams and because of one such dream is compelled to leave his daughter when she is just a [...]


Just priceless. Try “I’m Feeling Lucky” on this google search:

Max and Grace

Max and Grace at Legoland.

Booker Shortlist

The shortlist for this year’s Booker prize was announced today. Ali Smith, Zadie Smith, Julian Barnes, John Banville, Kazuo Ishiguro and Sebastian Barry. There was only one surprise here. Conspicuous by its absence is Ian McKewen’s “Saturday“. OK, so it’s the only one on even the long list that I have actually read, but I [...]

Window Dressing

Saw this in a shop window. I think he’s one of mine.

Max in his element