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Two Days in Canterbury

We’re nearing the end of a couple of days of sightseeing in beautiful Canterbury. Like Cambridge, Canterbury is overrun with history and tourists. But Canterbury has a better scale than Cambridge. It’s a town that isn’t trying to be everything all at once, as Cambridge is prone to be. And the place appears to have [...]


So, we were told that the wrong kind of snow for snowmen is the right kind of snow for sledging. Turns out that was right. We went sledging this afternoon on the Gog Magog Downs. Of course, sledging is easier if you have a couple of reindeer to pull you !

Our snowman lacks something…

It was the wrong kind of snow. At least that’s our excuse. If anyone can explain why we were unable to make a proper snowman in the back garden this morning, we would be delighted to know. He’s more of a snowblob than a snowman. It was fun, anyway.

The snow is here

We woke up on Friday morning, treated with a few inches of snow. It made the journey to school even more of an adventure than normal. Here is a ‘before’ photo – I don’t think Jem quite knows what’s coming!

Lunch with Lloyd and Susan

Our last full day in Australia. We were treated to a wonderful lunch at Lloyd and Susan’s house in Carlton. If we needed another reason to come back to Australia some day, then the lunch would do it! Thanks guys.

Welcome to Brisbane

Being Australia’s third city, after Sydney and Melbourne (or Melbourne and Sydney, depending on where you come from), there seems to be something of an apologetic air about the place. But, from our first impressions at least, this seems completely unfounded. We arrived in Brisbane on the opening night of the Brisbane Festival: three weeks [...]

The Carlo Sandblow

The hills above Rainbow Beach in southern Queensland hold a treasure. A vast expanse of sand that sweeps up the hillside overlooking the sea – the Carlo Sandblow. Over thousands of years the tides and the wind conspire to amass sand onto the steep shoreline. Strong onshore winds then pick up this sand and drive [...]

Tarzan for the day

We set off further south today – leaving Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays, and entering Eungella National Park. This is sugar cane territory. Mile after mile (or rather ‘kilometre after kilometre’) of sugar cane fields, punctuated only by the ‘cane train’ that transports the crop, and the refineries that process it. A 24/7 operation. The [...]

Long Island

Cruise Whitsundays took us to the beautiful Long Island resort for a couple of days. Another chance to enjoy the calm waters around the Whitsunday islands, and in particular around the bay of Long Island. Our apartment was just a few metres from the beach, where we spent most of the time. We met wallabies, [...]

Whitehaven – The world’s best beach ?

We took a day trip with Mantaray Charters – Snorkeling at Mantaray Bay on Hook Island, and then on to the world famous Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island, the largest of the 74 Islands that make up this National Park. Max and Jem enjoyed helping “Splash”, the Skipper, to steer the boat. We really enjoyed [...]