Monthly Archives: April 2005


I work in the design of mobile phones. I was wondering about designing a wireless vesion of this one.


Today I was tickled by this site that allows you to make your own Conservative Party election poster. Here is my effort:

Before the storm

Doesn’t it look just like it’s brother! Well, we’ll see for sure somewhere around 28th June

Imran and Rehana

Amazing what a smart suit and tie can do to tidy up the act. Oh, and you should buy this book.

An orchestra of ducks

Max conducts an orchestra of ducks here at Emmanuel College. There are details of Emma’s more exotic ducks here.


Somehow you know she’s smiling really.

Modern Art

I have recently discovered an artist that I admire greatly. A clarity of message without a depth of understanding. Something simple and yet quite telling. Enjoy more of these as they are painted.

(Never) Getting Things Done

Sadly I’m one of those people that thinks that they are too busy to sit down and organize myself so that I’m not so busy. I’m so busy putting things off that I never get round to doing anything except putting things off. I’ve bought more PDAs than I have bought cars (and that’s a [...]


History Lesson History repeats itself.Has to. No-one listens. I’m please to report that I have now found an attribution for this poem. Thanks to one Steve who pointed me at the author, another Steve – Steve Turner. I can’t find much of him, other than to say he is the author of these poems, and [...]

A well-trained son.

When the two-year-old is in charge. What was otherwise to be a peaceful afternoon – the first of the year spent in the back garden – becomes a substantial locomotive experience thanks to Max’s train obsession. Of course, the photographer was able to escape the ordeal for at least a short while. The cakes were [...]