Monthly Archives: May 2005

Happy Mondays

Another great Bank Holiday afternoon in the University Botanic Gardens. This is becoming a frequent habit – definitely one of the treats of living in Cambridge. Pictured here is Max with his new found feline friend, and his old friends Sim and Fran.

Never too young…

Never to young to play croquet. Well, never say never.

A day off

At last – and for the first time in three years, for sure, a day off together. Jnr was looked after by the Snrs, and we visited London for the day. After the hype about the rising successes of the Tate Modern we decided not to revist, but rather we chose the V&A. What a [...]

A Late Election Result

Heard this great clip on Radio 4′s Home Truths yesterday.

More good news from Auntie B

It’s struck me that it’s all too often, and often with weak defence, that we bemoan the demise of the BBC as the nation’s institution of quality broadcasting and entertainment. We complain of how the BBC has sunk to a lower level of “mass market” appeal, and in doing so compromised quality – of how [...]

Living in Cambridge

If you want to live in Cambridge, you could do worse than live in this house.

Typographical Decoration

I’ve been decorating Max’s new bedroom. With the imminent arrival of #2 we’ll need to move him into a new room before too long. A lengthy task, ably assisted, the satisfying bit was drafting an alphabet wall. Pictures to follow, but I should credit the designers of the font.