Monthly Archives: July 2005

Re: cycle

Three cyclists (well more like three thousand, but three worthy of note) completed the London to Cambridge ride last Sunday in very poor weather. We clocked up 150 miles between us, or more like 170 if you include the 10 miles that cyclist #600 did to get to the start line, and the extra 10 [...]

Now we are Three

Hana is the first of Max’s friends to turn three. We celebrated a week ago, when the sun baked us. There are more pictures here. The highlight for me was the cake – for Max it was the pool.

Jem Expressions

All taken on the first day of Jem’s life.

Commentary Annexe

I have decided to annexe to a separate posting category all those posts that might be considered “Commentary”. This will serve to distinguish such posts from all others. Essentially, a “Commentary” post is anything that is not a doting photograph of children or a reflection on an item of no consequence. You will notice that [...]

The Real Hijacker of 9/11

I found the reports of recent investigations into treatment at Guantanamo Bay pretty vile (try this). How have we let ourselves get to a state where this, or anything like it, is considered legitimate behaviour under law ? How can they get away with it ? Well, you have to look back to the Patriot [...]

Two new books

Bought “Hackers & Painters” by Paul Graham today, after enjoying his blog. Also bought “The Innovator’s Dilemma” by Clayton Christensen (cheesey web-site award) which I’ve been meaning to read for ages but never hit “check-out” on my Amazon order. There are some common threads within these two – or rather Graham often touches on what [...]

He’s “Jem”

So, we’ve called the new one “Jem”. It’s not short for anything although I understand that “Jem” is a name that is used as a shortening of variously Jacob,James,Jeremy,John. Of course, having given him the name we subsequently learn (testement I guess to how culturally barren we are) that there is a a pop star [...]

This most frustrating game…

Is this how close a croquet match can get ? More of this match here