Monthly Archives: October 2005

Autumn Leaves

Just a few of this Autumn’s colours. It seemed that the easiest way to capture the sheer variety of colour on the trees was to point the camera at the ground. What would Cambridge do without the Botanic Gardens , hey ?

David Cameron

Had the (some might say questionable) delight of meeting David Cameron today when he popped into the office (as is the penchant of aspiring political leaders). Erudite (Eton, Brasenose), and very intelligent (read: slick), although not quite answering the questions that my colleagues and I had ten minutes to ask him. Obviously got the right [...]

Why eBay bought Skype

Great note from Joel on “Why eBay bought Skype“. Joel’s smart, if a little cynical, but there’s logic behind what he says. No time to add my own comment (more shame on me), but this extract sums it up well. A lot of big, profitable tech companies — Amazon, Microsoft, and Google — especially Google [...]

Star (mega-)bucks

Why oh why would anyone invest their time and energy in creating technology companies when you can do things like the following with Coffee ? Here are Starbucks’ numbers for the last three years. 2005 results expected any day. PERIOD ENDING 3-Oct-04 28-Sep-03 29-Sep-02 Total Revenue 5,294,247   4,075,522   3,288,908   Cost of Revenue 2,191,440   1,685,928   1,350,011   [...]

The VC Lottery

Bessemer Venture Partners are one of the oldest VC firms in the valley, and undoubtedly receive a very significant proportion of the business plans that are passed down the road south of San Francisco. If you’ve lived through trying to raise venture capital – successfully or otherwise – you will enjoy reading this page from [...]

Don’t Mess with the Librarian

Great story about a persistent librarian’s progress through the US small claims court to retaliate against an unsolicited junk-fax distributor. This librarian sounds scary. For the record, I think that all of the librarians at our local library are great, and I certainly wouldn’t mess with them. But a word of warning. If you are [...]

Folding a shirt

You have to see this short clip.  OK, so you probably need to work in Gap or somewhere to make use of this simple instructional video, and you probably need to speak Japanese to get the full effect.  Further, if you are like me and your shirts never really quite make it out of the [...]

Foodies United

    The second Cambridge Food and Drink festival takes place next week.  I missed the first (I must have been in a bar somewhere).  There are a number of events taking place, and I particularly liked the look of these food trails - firm evidence that there really is a third way besides Tesco and Sainsbury.  No [...]

A Web-based Word Processor (finally finally finally!)

At last.  About time.  Couldn’t be quick enough coming.  I was pleased to discover Writely today.  Writely is a web-hosted word processor.    Since the early days of Java I remember speculating with everyone else about network hosted services making a come-back (a decade earlier it was all network hosted services, of course).  The web-hosted word [...]