Monthly Archives: July 2009

Litchfield National Park

An all-too-short visit to the very beautiful Litchfield National Park, situated about 120KM south of Darwin. We had enough time to visit the Magentic Termite mounds – all aligned north-to-south, to maximise their exposure to the sun. These, and some very large Cathedral Termite mounds (you can see why these are so-called). It took two [...]

On the road to Alice….

…a mere 1464KM to go!

Art Rocks…

A short (100KM) drive across a tiny fraction of Kakadu, to visit Ubirr and the famed Aboriginal Rock Art.   The journey was slightly hampered by having to do the first 50KM in first gear, since our Automatic campervan was proving somewhat less than automatic… The art is as much as 5000 years old, and used [...]

Sunset on Yellow Water

A sunset cruise on the Yellow Water Billabong and the South Alligator River in Kakadu this evening. No-one knows why it’s called Yellow Water, as there’s nothing yellow about it. It is fringed by Freshwater Mangrove and the floodplains of Kakadu. There is amazing birdlife – we saw Jabiru… Rainbow Bee-Eaters …. Cormorants… Azure Kingfisher… [...]

Into The Outback

Today we journeyed to Twin and Jim Jim Falls in a 4WD high clearance truck – over water crossings and into the far reaches of Kakadu. The boys walked, clamboured and climbed across rocks ten times bigger than themselves to reach the waterfall plunge pool where we swam, looking up at the blue sky between [...]

Out in the Outback….

300KM from Darwin you can reach the heart of the Kakadu National Park – our home for the next few days. This is remote – properly remote. We’re about 250KM from the nearest ‘main’ road, and although the route is tarmac all the way here you begin to get a feel for the vastness of [...]

A load of crocs….

Chooks were on the menu for the Salties at Crocdylus park…. This one nearly ‘snapped’ Frazer’s camera. …but only Ayesha and Frazer were left by the end of the tour to hold the baby croc…. Ayesha enjoyed holding the baby croc – with mouth suitably tied up (the croc’s, not hers you understand).

Welcome to Australia…not a worry.

JetStar from Singapore to Darwin. Arriving Darwin 2.40AM. That\’s quite late – or early, depending on how you see things. We collected our home for the next 3 weeks…… …and drove to the Free Spirit caravan park. Unlike the Singapore Marriot, there are no free spirits on offer here. But there is lots more swimming [...]

Dinner on Boat Quay

Benson took us to Boat Quay for dinner – prawns and the famous chilli crab.  We met our crab before the meal.  Max’s prawns were delivered on a boat.

High Tea at the Marriott

High tea – another Singaporean Institution.  Because of time constraints we headed back to the Marriott for this, but it was a great success.  The only issue for the kids was precisely which cakes to choose.  Ayesha had nine courses. Yes, nine.  Frazer counted. Then off to the airport for the night flight to Darwin.