Monthly Archives: October 2009

That fat lady is tuning up….

So there you have it. Seven flights, just short of 10,000KM of driving, countless beaches, rainforests, deserts, ice creams and koalas. Just another 17,000KM to go. I can’t say we’re looking forward to the 23 hours of flight QF31 from Sydney to London, but here we are waiting to get on the plane, and there’s [...]

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

Right next to the Central Business District in Sydney, in the heart of the city, lie the much treasured Royal Botanic Gardens. Occupying about 30 hectares of the Farm Cove area, the gardens offer some of the best views of Sydney Harbour. There are also some great plants to hide behind, and cockatoos to chase. [...]

Lunch with Lloyd and Susan

Our last full day in Australia. We were treated to a wonderful lunch at Lloyd and Susan’s house in Carlton. If we needed another reason to come back to Australia some day, then the lunch would do it! Thanks guys.

Bondi Beach

Is this the most famous beach in Australia ? It might be, and it’s certainly great for surfing – as evidenced by the twenty or more lifesavers on duty here this morning. Here are the smallest two that we spotted. We only had a short time at Bondi. Just long enough, though, to get the [...]

Life’s flat without bubbles

So it’s not like we visited all 120 of the wineries round here, but they do all seem to have a similar feel inside. Lots of wood, a bit musty, and usually there’s some old boy behind a long oak bar who will serve you a glass of wine or two. Not Peterson’s Champagne House, [...]

Hunter Valley Gardens

Of course if you’re under 18 then the Cellar Door of a winery holds less appeal. But the Hunter Valley Gardens (the largest gardens in Australia, of course!) are great fun. We could show you pictures of the many many different styles of formal gardens here, and they are indeed beautiful. We could tell you [...]

Hunter Valley – Lochinvar House

About 100KM outside Sydney and you’re in Wine Country – the Hunter Valley. There are over 120 wineries within about 10 square miles here, so there ought to be something worth drinking here – even for our most discerning of palates. We’re spending a few nights in a glorious B&B in the heart of The [...]

Balmoral Beach

Sydney has beaches like London has roundabouts. They’re pretty much at the end of every street. Of course I would rather spend the morning playing on a beach than on a roundabout, a beach usually offers better views, and whoever heard of making sandcastles on a roundabout ? This morning we enjoyed Balmoral beach, before [...]

Taronga Zoo

Sydney should be proud of Taronga Zoo. The zoo is situated on a steep hillside overlooking the harbour, and the best way to get there is by ferry, of course. We were then introduced to the zoo by a ski-lift ride to the top of the hill where the tour down past the animals begins. [...]

Boats on the Harbour

One of the more popular, and probably the most practical, ways of getting around Sydney is to hop on one of the ferries that cross the harbour from dawn until dusk. It’s also a good way for us tourists to see the sights. The ferries are not as cheap or as smart as Brisbane’s SeaCats, [...]