Monthly Archives: December 2009


So, we were told that the wrong kind of snow for snowmen is the right kind of snow for sledging. Turns out that was right. We went sledging this afternoon on the Gog Magog Downs. Of course, sledging is easier if you have a couple of reindeer to pull you !

Our snowman lacks something…

It was the wrong kind of snow. At least that’s our excuse. If anyone can explain why we were unable to make a proper snowman in the back garden this morning, we would be delighted to know. He’s more of a snowblob than a snowman. It was fun, anyway.

The snow is here

We woke up on Friday morning, treated with a few inches of snow. It made the journey to school even more of an adventure than normal. Here is a ‘before’ photo – I don’t think Jem quite knows what’s coming!