A Web-based Word Processor (finally finally finally!)

At last.  About time.  Couldn’t be quick enough coming. 

I was pleased to discover Writely today. 
Writely is a web-hosted word processor.    Since the
early days of Java I remember speculating with everyone else about
network hosted services making a come-back (a decade earlier it was all
network hosted services, of course).  The web-hosted word
processor was the oft-cited example of what would be achieved, and
become the norm in the constantly-connected era of computing. 

Writely comes pretty
close to achieving this vision.  It supports probably only 10% of
the functions of Microsoft Word – and that 10% is probably twice as
much functionality as one is normally likely to need.

It handles collaboration on documents as well, but I don’t have any collaborators to experiment with right now.