Writing Valid Exam Tasks

We have combined these earlier models into a procedure for constructing good exam tasks (mark schemes + questions) which captures the best practice we have found in all of our work with examiners.

We use the term Outcome Space to describe the nature of the evidence in assessment. It can refer to the evidence that examiners want to elicit (the desired outcome space) which the question is meant to generate. It can also refer to the evidence students actually produce (the observed outcome space). If these two versions of the outcome space match well the assessment is likely to be valid; if they do not then the examiners have lost control of the process - and validity will be compromised.

Outcome space lies at the heart of the assessment process:

Further information

For more information, download these papers from Our Publications:

Title Authors Date Publication
It's judging the evidence that counts - Introducing OSCA, 2008 Author 1 Author 2 2008 PresentedAt

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