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We provide training courses on Exam Question Writing for many organisations both in the UK and internationally.

Our training is based on the models we have described. The aim is that participants will gain an understanding of how students think while answering questions, and of the principles that underlie good practice in designing valid educational assessments.

We believe that this understanding is essential to improve the quality of questions, tests and examinations. This applies to classroom-based assessment as well as to external exams.

Customers include:

Assessment and Qualifications Alliance edexcel Scottish Qualifications Authority
Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations State Commission on Examinations, Ireland

Organisations that have benefited from our training courses include:





Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board

National Centre for University Entrance Examinations, Japan

State Pedagogical Institute, Slovakia

State Commission on Examinations, Ireland

Department of Educational Measurement, Umeň University, Sweden

University and College English Teachers, Bulgaria

University English Teachers, Turkey

Department of Examinations, Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka

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