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Our Research

CamExam's researchers have been carrying out research in this field for many years. Alastair Pollitt has worked on school tests and examinations since 1975. Ayesha Ahmed has worked on the psychology of assessment since 1998, and before that her research was in cognitive development.

Our recent research has included issues of comparability of qualifications in terms of exam demands, the development of judgemental systems to replace marking of examinations, the identification of mathematically exceptionally able students, the development of interactive classroom based tests, and evaluation of exam quality in GCSE and NVQs.

Currently we are exploring, with QCA and others, applications of our models and assessment methods in several different contexts in primary and secondary schools.

Alternative forms of Assessment

We have developed two novel approaches to assessment:
  1. Paired comparisons (Thurstone's method)
  2. The Support Model

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